Red Jacket by Joseph Heywood Chart Summary

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Red Jacket basic book details

Title: Red Jacket
Subtitle: A Lute Bapcat Mystery

Author: Joseph Heywood

Publisher: Lyons Press
Vendor: Globe Pequot Press

Red Jacket has appeared on the charts 3 times. It has appeared on charts in USA. It has appeared on the Fiction & Literature genre charts.

Woods Cop mystery author Joseph Heywood takes readers to an era when people had to be as hard as the lives they lived. Meet Lute Bapcat, orphan, loner, former cowboy, Rough Rider, beaver trapper, a man who in 1913, with the enthusiastic recommendation by

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Red Jacket chart performance history graph

Movement Graph

Red Jacket first appearances

iTunes USA Fiction & Literature Books #14 2 May, 2014

Red Jacket recent appearances

iTunes USA Fiction & Literature Books #36 3 May, 2014

Red Jacket best performances

iTunes USA Fiction & Literature Books on 2 May, 2014 14

Red Jacket genre-level performance

Fiction & Literature Performance for All Countries

Chart First Position Highest Position Last Position
iTunes USA#14
02 May, 2014
02 May, 2014
03 May, 2014

Red Jacket Comments/Discussion

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