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John Savage has published 6 books that have appeared on the iTunes charts.

These books have appeared in the Erotica, Horror genres.

Books by John Savage have appeared on charts in Australia, Canada, France, UK, USA.
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Conquering Dawn Image
Conquering Dawn by John Savage
HP: #8 FA: 15 March, 2015 LA: 15 March, 2015

Evil Woman Image
Evil Woman by John Savage
HP: #56 FA: 10 January, 2016 LA: 10 January, 2016

Nazi Terror Image
Nazi Terror by John Savage
HP: #104 FA: 01 June, 2014 LA: 01 June, 2014

Suffer, Witch, Suffer Image
Suffer, Witch, Suffer by John Savage
HP: #91 FA: 04 May, 2014 LA: 10 September, 2014

The Amazon League Image
The Amazon League by John Savage
HP: #8 FA: 22 December, 2014 LA: 22 December, 2014

Torture is My Business Image
Torture is My Business by John Savage
HP: #32 FA: 03 May, 2014 LA: 15 July, 2016

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