About iTunes Book Charts

BookChart.info provides historical records of iTunes book charts for a number of countries around the world including Australia, UK, US, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Sweden and France.

Who are we?

We're just me! A one man band. I've worked hard to make sure that the information you see is as accurate as possible. But since I'm here all alone, and only have so many spare hours to work on this, there's always the possibility that I've missed something or made a mistake. If you come across any problems, please let me know asap so that I can fix them. You can also let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

What does 'BETA' mean?

In programming terms, beta (or the symbol β) means that a product is still under development. Now, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have made BookChart.info available to the public if I didn't think it was ready. I'm pretty sure most things on this site are working as they should. But the BookChart.info is in a state of perpetual beta, as a reminder for people to let me know if they come across any errors, have suggestions that would make things easier to work or understand, or have a suggestion for some chart information that they'd like to see. It's also to let you know that new features could pop up at any time!

Why are iTunes charts important?

To be honest, I'm not 100% sure how useful a record of the iTunes book charts actually are! BookChart.info is based on Music-Chart.info and AppsLists.net. You can find more info about Music-Chart.info at http://www.music-chart.info/about and AppsLists.net at http://www.appslists.net/about.

Being my first excercise in 'playing' with iTunes charts, Music-Chart.info isn't without its faults. AppsLists.net addresses many of the weaknesses of Music-Chart.info, many of which were identified as a result of feedback from people just like you. In fact, AppsLists.net is a complete rewrite of Music-Chart.info. AppsLists.net was intended to be a trial run to develop/test new code for an upgrade to Music-Chart.info. BUT! Before I had a chance to upgrade Music-Chart.info, I realised there was a lot more that still needed to be done. So now we have BookChart.info, an improved version of AppsLists.net.

People are used to thinking about the success of music through charts, but I'm not sure that people really have the same mindset when it comes to apps or books. AppsLists.net showed some interesting results but it's clear that people don't think of app charts in the same way they do music charts. However, I still think that enough people seem interested that I can justify keeping AppsLists.net up and running, and seeing what happens with BookChart.info

How are the iTunes Charts calculated?

I've been asked this question time and time again. The answer is actually fairly simple, and here's how it goes:
There are a couple of great mysteries in the world, that we'll probably never have answers to in our lifetime. Some of them are:

  • How did we get here?
  • How big is the universe?
  • Is there a god?
.. and then theres...
  • How are the iTunes Charts calculated?
Apple are tightlipped about how they calculate their charts. The only thing we know for sure are that these charts are calculated based on real time data - which is why they are constantly changing. In some ways, Music-Chart.info, AppsLists.net and now BookChart.info are trying to develop a better understanding of how the iTunes charts are calculated, and how they work. The only thing I know for sure at this stage (and consider this a warning) iTunes charts DO NOT appear to be based solely on sales! If you see your song, app or book high on the charts, don't assume that you have a lot of sales - wait until you recieve your official data from iTunes.

What exactly does BookChart.info do then?

We take a snapshot of the iTunes book charts at the same time every single day. We store the data that we download so that we can look at how the charts are changing over time. We analyse the collected data to see what we can learn about trends in the charts. As the sample of data we've collected grows, we'll be able to gain even more insights from it. So stay tuned and check back often to see if we've got any new features to show you.

Who is BookChart.info designed for?

Anyone really. If Music-Chart.info and AppsLists.net are anything to go by, I would expect publishers, researchers and fans to be interested in what's on offer.